Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can start to look tired as the fibres break down with the constant day to day wear and tear, normally a good vacuum cleaner will revive them for a short period but then the inevitable process will be undertaken to clean them.

Vacuuming alone will not remove pollen, dead skin cells, and deep down dirt like a full professional carpet cleaning will, we have the knowledge to undertake the cleaning process and restore the carpets back to their former glory. We use hot water extraction process as recommended by manufactures as this is a good healthy way to clean a carpet. Keltex carpet cleaners use only the most up to date machinery on the market.

Carpet cleaning should be carried out by professionals and using the right solutions to get maximum results, only a professional will know what type of cleaning product for your kind of carpet. Stains can be removed with extra solutions, but advice will be given as to what our carpet cleaner suggests.

Keltex carpet cleaners will give you free advice and will give you a free quotation all we ask you to do is remove as much furniture as possible and we will do the rest. Carpets generally take around two to three hours to completely dry off and it is recommended that you try to stay off the carpets during this time. In some cases we can dry some of the carpets whilst on site to speed this process up.

We absolute guarantee 100% there is no shrinkage or long term damage; in fact our proven method will help keep the carpets cleaner and stay fresher longer. All carpets are finished with an acidic rinse to ensure no cleaning solution is left behind in the carpets after the cleaning process. All of our cleaning fluids/solution are 100% eco friendly and are children and pet safe.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Lounge £4.50 per square meter
Dining Room £4.50 per square meter
Bedroom £4.50 per square meter
Hall £4.50 per square meter
Stairs £4.50 per square meter
Landing £4.50 per square meter
Bathroom £4.50 per square meter
2 Carpets £4.00 per square meter
3 Carpets £3.50 per square meter
Dry Cleaning Services Halifax
Dry Cleaning Services Halifax
Dry Cleaning Services Halifax

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