Duvet & Bedding

There is nothing better than fresh bed linen; wouldn’t it be nice that your duvet is equally as clean? Hygiene Experts now recommend that your duvet and pillows are dry cleaned at least every six months. In fact, scientists found that a typical duvet contains thousands of live house dust mites along with the bacterial and fungal spores which they leave behind.

Duvet cleaning at Keltex Dry Cleaners provides a highly effective sterilisation and removal of all allergens, leaving your duvet fresh and hygienically clean, Fresh and clean bedding is an essential component in delivering high standards in residential public sector environments for care homes, hotels and clinics. We can help with supporting you whether you are interested in a regular weekly service, or have a specific short-term need in mind.

Duvet & Bedding Prices

Single Duvet £15.99
Double Duvet £18.99
King Size Duvet £20.99
Sleeping Bag £9.99
Bedspread £12.99
Dry Cleaning Services in Halifax
Dry Cleaning Services in Halifax
Dry Cleaning Services in Halifax

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