Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

We are proud of the results we achieve when cleaning and treating wedding dresses, only knowledgeable and experienced cleaners should undertake such a task. At Keltex we have cleaned many types of wedding dresses over the years with great success and take the utmost care when inspecting, testing and pre-treating the fabrics. Whilst we can remove most stains, we cannot guarantee to remove every stain. Cleaning may also highlight blemishes or slight damages that are not noticeable prior cleaning, despite every care taken, beads and trims can come loose, even when thoroughly inspected before cleaning. Still, we will take the utmost care to minimize them and return your dress to you looking as beautiful as it possible is to accomplish.

​When using the 'contact us' form, please let us know the type of dress you would like us to clean from the options below.


Also, if your dress does not have a care label, please contact the manufacturer or dressmaker for the cleaning instructions and add to the packaging notes that will arrive with your packaging. Also be concise about any marks or staining, such as champagne, red wine or grass stains. And lastly please let us know the value of your wedding dress that we can provide adequate insurance with the postal carrier.


Once we have your order, we will send you a prepaid box and a protective bag to seal and place your wedding dress inside of, ready for your collection date.


Our expert wedding dress service normally takes a minimum of 7– 10 days to complete and will update you when the cleaning process is finished. 

  • Slimline / Column - a slender dress with no boning or petticoat and little to no flair in the skirt - £110.00

  •  A-Line / Fishtail - normally a bodice with a modest skirt flair. Up to two layers of petticoat - £130.00

  •  Princess - suitable for full-skirted dresses with three or more layers of petticoat - £145.00

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